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Proposed Agenda for the February meeting.  This agenda will be updated as the President receives requests.

Items for consideration by the membership
New bylaws

We did a quick fix to our Bylaws when we changed our name to San Luis Obsipo Guild Hall.  There are provisions for certain committtees that we have found dificult or impossible to maintain.  The Hall Committtee in particular set up what amounted to a separate organizaion within the Guild that bypassed all our normal operating procedures. The current Bylaws reference now superceded CA Guild Bylaws. There proposed replacement is an edited version of the suggested local chapter bylaws from the CA Guild web site.
They have been edited to reflect conditions here in SLO.  Deletions are marked by strikout, additions by italics.  II:B referst to Article II, Section B. Read them here, and bring suggestions to the meeting.
We can discuss these, if approved, they will lay over to the next meeting for final approval.
I:1 Inserts our name in the blank
II:2 Specifies our meeting times
II:3 Retains our current requirement of 7 members for a quorum
III:4 Clarifies ambiguities in the state bylaws
IV:2 Italics of motto are in the original
VIII:1 Sets dues to a percentage of state dues so we don't have to change our dues everytime the state changes. Also mandates a minimum if the state reduces their dues.
VII:2 Added - defines time limit for dues being delinquent
XI:1 Added - Permits adaption of Policies, Procedures, and Standing Rules
XII:1 Added - Allows emailing and posting on our website as proper notification of members
XII:2 Added -  All committee meetings are open to all members
XII:3 Added - Committees may record their decisions by emailing the Secretary
XII:4 Added - Guild documents my be diseminated by posting on our website members section
XIII:1 Added - Transitional provisions related to our change of name

New Policies, Procedures, and Standing Rules were adopted at the February meeting.  These New Policies, Procedures, and Standing Rules are needed because our bylaws give very little guidence on these matters.
These Policies, Procedures, and Standing Rules are to help the the diverse groups working on Hall
business to have a consistant approach to decision making.  They are a work in progress, and I am
sure they will be modified several times in the coming months.

We need your help.
Here is a list of projects and tasks around the hall.  If there something here that you can do, talk to Russ about getting a budget approved for the project.  If no projected cost is shown, we need someone to plan and cost the project.  Then we can seek budget approval.

Raise the Solar Roof
  To help, please contact Sue Sunderland or Virgina Maurm.  This will be uppdated on a regular basis as our planning continues
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